Little Big Water Bottle DINO- 350ml- QR enabled


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The virtue lies in the middle. Well, our mid-range bottle happens to be our best-selling bottle to date. Coincidence or not, you can expect the same qualities that made the previous bottle so successful, with some added functionalities that elevate the drinking experience even further.



+ Triple-insulated wall

+ Holds water cool for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12

+ 304 stainless steel

+ BPA and phthalates-free materials guarantee your safety and the environment’s

+ Innovative QR code technology so you don’t go looking for a lost bottle again

+ Includes two straws and a cleaning brush

+ Suitable for kids 12+ months

+ Dimensions: D7*H20*cm

+ Capacity350ml


Dino  |  Leo  |  Spaceship  |  Unicorn


Do not microwave or Freeze.

Handwash only. Not Dishwasher safe.



LFGB Certified by SGS

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