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As a parent of a teenager, you need to be ready for a whole bunch of eye-rolling, emotional outbursts, and occasional thoughts of running away. Now, this is just you, but your “can’t even” teenagers at home could use this handy 4-compartment lunch box, perfect for sandwiches or bigger portions.


From artists to astronomers, everyone likes to put their name on something. Well, our custom name-placing makes for an amazing gift for your family or friends. Try it, it’s free.

+ Includes English and Arabic characters

+ Names must be one word (or two) and up to 10 characters

+ The sticker is white or grey, depending on the surface color

+ Lasts for up to 6 months


+ BPA&Phthalates-free

+ Leak-proof (except for very runny liquids such as water)

+ Comes with 4 compartments, including a circular one for yogurt/dip/sauce

+ Made of Tritan, a lightweight material that is more resistant and durable for daily uses

+ Transparent finishing all around to appeal to older kids

+ Monster-Gaming-featured illustration

+ Red, yellow, green, and black
+ Dimensions: L21*W14*H5.5cm

+ Capacity: 1700ml


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Do not overfill compartments, we recommend leaving at least a 5 mm gap to fill the line.

Do not put the full lunchbox in the dishwasher (only inner tray and inner lid).

Do not microwave. Some food may cause discoloration and transfer to the lid.

Outside shell to be washed with warm soapy water and should be air-dried overnight.

Inspect product before use. Do not use the product if damaged.

Do not pack soups, runny yogurts, runny or watery dressings or sauces, runny or watery melon/watermelon. We recommend removing excess liquid before use.



LFGB Certified by SGS.
Use under adult supervision.

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