3-compartments 540ml Petit Bento Lunchbox - Mini Mint

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Everyone knows the “box” family. There’s cousin postbox, the mail genius. Uncle Boombox, the retired 80s musician. And, of course, Petit Bento lunchbox, the colorful star of the family, handy, sturdy, flexible in size, and ready to be used for anything you throw at it, from snacks to light meals, at home or at school.


From artists to astronomers, everyone likes to put their name on something. Well, our custom name-placing makes for an amazing gift for your family or friends. Try it, it’s free.

+ Includes English and Arabic characters

+ Names must be one word (or two) and up to 10 characters

+ The sticker is black

+ Lasts for up to 6 months


+ BPA&Phthalates-free

+ Leak-proof (except for very runny liquids such as water)

+ Comes with 3 spacious compartments

+ Leak-proof

+ Includes a fork and spoon

+ See-through lid to know what you’re packing
+ Microwave-safe

+ Dimensions: L18*W11.5*H4.6cm

+ Capacity: 540ml


Maxi Blue  |  Maxi Yellow  |  Medium Grey  |  Medium Dusty Blue  |  Mini Coral  |  Mini Grey  |  Mini Mint


Do not put it in the dishwasher. 

Hand-wash with warm soapy water only. Air-dry it overnight.

Inspect product before use. Do not use the product if damaged.

Make sure to press from the middle to the end to lock the Petit Bento.


LFGB Certified by SGS.
Use under adult supervision.

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