3 Easy Travel-Friendly Snack Box Ideas for Kids

3 Easy Travel-Friendly Snack Box Ideas for Kids

When it comes to travelling with kids, having a variety of delicious and nutritious snacks on hand is a game-changer. To keep your little ones satisfied and energised during long journeys, we have designed four easy travel-friendly snack box ideas using the Tritan snack box - a bento-style, leak-proof lunch box with four compartments. These ideas will help you manage sudden snack cravings while ensuring a hassle-free travel experience.

Snack Box 1: Air Fried Sweet Potato Wedges with Cucumber Slices and Cheese Rolls

Slice sweet potatoes into wedges and air fry them for a healthy and tasty treat. Pack them in one compartment of the Tritan snack box. In another compartment, add crisp cucumber slices and complete the snack box with protein-filled cheese rolls.

Snack Box 2: Bell Pepper Boats with Leftover Sticky Rice, Whole Grain Grissini and Orange Slices with Coconut Yogurt

Create bell pepper boats by cutting bell peppers into halves and removing the seeds. Fill one compartment with leftover sticky rice, packing it tightly into the bell pepper boat. In another compartment, add whole grain grissini for a satisfying crunch. Add orange slices and a side of coconut yogurt for a creamy twist.

Snack Box 3: Mini Rye Bread Slices with Cream Cheese, Chipotle Sauce, Mango Cubes, Apple Slices and Guacamole

Spread cream cheese and chipotle sauce on mini rye bread slices. In another compartment add mango cubes for a tropical burst. Include apple slices and a side of guacamole for a healthy and creamy dip.

With these four easy-to-make and very travel-friendly snack box ideas, you can cater to your little one's sudden snack cravings while on the go. The Tritan snack box, with its bento-style design and leak-proof compartments, is the perfect companion for long journeys.  There are even large lunchboxes available for packing even more snacks for the whole family.  Happy travels and bon appétit!

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