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Make snack time more fun with Citron’s multiple compartment snack box!

Who doesn't love snack time? With Citron, you can make it even more fun by serving snacks to your child in their very own snack box. And since Citron's snack boxes are made of top quality, durable materials, they are long lasting, able to withstand years of use.

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Citron provides top quality snack boxes for kids. No more spilled food or messes in the car or at home. With a variety of designs to choose from, your child will love eating their snacks at home, school or on the go, in one of our cool snack boxes. And you’ll love knowing that their food is staying clean and organized.

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No more boring brown bags or Tupperware containers. Citron’s snack boxes are colorful, stylish and customizable!

We present a wide array of designs to choose from, which means that there is a perfect Citron snack box for every kid. Most importantly, they are made from durable materials that can withstand even the messiest of eaters!

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