How Long Do Lunch Bags Keep Food Cold?

How Long Do Lunch Bags Keep Food Cold?

When you spend the time creating delicious and nutritious food for your little ones (or even yourself), you want to keep it in the best condition until it is time to eat.  That is why it is so important to find a lunch bag that can keep food at the right temperature effectively, from packing to mealtime.  That means that when you are shopping for an insulated lunch bag for kids or even a thermal lunch bag for days in the office, you need to ask the right questions so you can keep your food safe and tasting delicious.

Finding the Right Temperature

As you would imagine, the answer to the question about how long a lunch bag can keep food cold very much depends on the type of lunch bag. Is it thermal? How many compartments does it have?  What is it made of?  Is it good quality?  Is it food safe? Does it have room for ice packs and insulated mealtime accessories? Is it leak-proof to prevent spills and keep the temperature level?  What is the temperature or weather going to be like during the day?  These are some of the main elements you need to consider when finding the right lunch bag for kids that will keep their food cold or hot until snack time or lunch time.  If you choose a well-made, insulated lunch bag that is leak-proof and even has room for an ice pack, you can be confident that the food inside will stay cool from morning packing until mealtime, so around six hours.  This will mean your kids can enjoy delicious, safe food that is served up exactly as it should be!








Extend the Cold
If you want to make sure to keep your lunch bag extra cool, then here are some tips to keep things chilled for longer:

  • Include an ice pack
  • Pop in a frozen juice box that will lower the overall temperature and be just right to drink at lunchtime
  • Use a bento-style lunchbox inside the bag to separate flavours and keep things insulated for longer
  • Add in some frozen grapes – they make a super healthy snack
  • Make use of well-designed insulated containers like lunchboxes, water bottles or food jars – these will work well with perishable treats and will help keep things cold individually, as well as collectively

Want to keep things warm?  Perhaps you have packed a delicious and nutritious lunch that is best served hot?  Then in that case you want to use an insulated food jar.  Simply fill it with boiling water for five minutes before emptying and filling with your chosen food.  Then you can pack it in a Grand Lunchbox and in an insulated lunch bag to keep it warmer for longer.

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