How to Choose the Right Lunch Bag For Kids?

How to Choose the Right Lunch Bag For Kids?

There are so many things to think about when you are a parent.  Especially when they are at school age and you want to do everything you can to help them learn and grow.  One of the most important ways to safeguard their development is through nutrition.  When our kids can eat a balanced diet with a range of vitamins and other essential food groups, they can function better mentally and physically – which means they can learn and do more.  That is why kids, even those lovely little fussy eaters, need a substantial and varied packed lunch to take to school and why parents need to make sure they have the right lunch bag to keep it safe. 

The Essentials Checklist

Before you even start browsing lunch bags you need to work out what your primary needs will be.  Have a think about the type of food you will be making?  How much room will you need?  What age is your child?  What kind of size will you need?  Will it need room for snacks and lunchboxes?  Will it be easy enough for them to carry? Does it have the following elements:

  • Is it food-safe and non-toxic?
  • Is it leak-proof to prevent spills?
  • Is it insulated to keep food at temperature?
  • Does it come in a range of styles for kids?
  • Is it sustainably made?
  • Does the design match your kid’s style?

 It is also important to make sure the lunch bag is suitable for different occasions, including school, weekend outings and travelling.  Don’t forget to preview the care instructions to find out if it is easy to keep clean and maintain.  You should also try to opt for a lunch bag with a warranty and one that you can have personalised with their name so it is less likely to get lost!

Find the Right Fit
At Citron we have developed a bespoke range of lunch bags to suit kids, teens and even adults.  We have made sure that they fit all the requirements you might need and that each of them is made to the highest quality so you can trust in their effectiveness and safety.  Here are some of our top lunch bags and their unique features:

  • Insulated Lunch Bag Backpack: This sustainably designed Insulated Lunch Bag Backpack is perfect for kids at nursery or school as you can fit in a snack box, lunchbox and two water bottles.  It is light-weight and easy to carry for kids 18 months and up with inner and outer zipper compartments for extra storage.  It will also keep meals at temperature and is lined with food-proof, non-toxic thermal material.   
  • Insulated Roll-up Lunch Bag: Since it also doubles as a backpack, this Insulated Roll-Up Lunch Bag is one of our most popular options for kids 18 months and older. Its unique design is light-weight, easy to carry and stackable, so you can stack items inside as extra protection from leaks.  It is also made from PET recycled plastic bottles, so it is sustainable and eco-friendly.  As well as being able to keep meals at temperature, it is lined with food-proof and non-toxic thermal material, has two side pockets for water bottles and includes a label with name tag to keep it safe during the school day.
  • Insulated Lunch Bag: This stylish Insulated Lunch Bag is designed with a larger capacity, so that you can pack in enough food for the full school day and still keep things at temperature for longer. It is lined with water-proof material to prevent leaks and comes with three external pockets for extra storage.  This is the ideal lunch bag for older kids, teens and adults. 
  • Picnic Bag: Our spacious and waterproof Picnic Bag is ideal for family outings thanks to its size and contemporary style. It is easy to carry with detachable padded shoulder straps and three external pockets for extra storage.  This is the ideal lunch bag for heading out to the beach or the park or on family trips  

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