How to Entertain Kids in Ramadan

How to Entertain Kids in Ramadan

Caring for kids is a full time job at the best of times, but it can be extra challenging during Ramadan, especially for busy, fasting parents. We want to give you a helping hand. That is why we have put together a mini guide on how to entertain kids during Ramadan with some top tips on activities to keep them busy, help them feel involved and ways to create lasting memories they can treasure. They might even evoke some childhood Ramadan memories of your own.

Top Tips for Ramadan with Kids:

  1. Get cooking with your little helper in the kitchen with some kid-friendly recipes for Ramadan treats.
  2. Make a ‘Ramadan Adventures Calendar’ with daily outdoor ideas like garden games, trips to the playground or beach swimming with friends.
  3. Give them a bumper coloring book with enough pictures for them to do at least one every day of Ramadan.
  4. Sign up to volunteer as a family for donation activities that will help them understand the spirit of Ramadan.
  5. Encourage them to draw pictures or make special gifts to take to family and friends during the Holy Month.
  6. For slightly older children, you can get them their own prayer mat that they can use during Ramadan.
  7. Help them feel involved in the rituals of Ramadan by staying up late for Iftar and Taraweeh prayers or decorating the table for an Iftar celebration.
  8. Prepare their meals in advance so that you don’t feel overwhelmed in the run up to Iftar and have snacks ready for them so that you can break your fast uninterrupted.
  9. Ask them to think about, if they have anything that could be given to charity to help those in need (and clear out the house a bit in the meantime).
  10. Share the message and heritage of Ramadan with them in easy to understand stories so they can feel part of everything.

We hope you enjoy our tips on how to cope with kids during Ramadan, we’d love to hear your tips on our Instagram.  Don’t forget to browse our bespoke Ramadan Gift Sets as well. Each of them is designed to keep kids busy this Ramadan with fun activities that will help them learn and grow, and create memories to last a lifetime.

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