Vegetable Sandwich, Pretzels and Fruits

Vegetable Sandwich, Pretzels and Fruits

Vegetable Sandwich 🥪- Pretzels – Strawberries 🍓 -Banana🍌- Pears🍐- Sweet Corn 🌽 



Bread Slices 🍞 
Cheddar Cheese Slice 🧀 
Pesto 🌿 
Cream Cheese 
Tomato 🍅 
Cucumber 🥒 


Green Peas 
Cherry Tomatoes 
Sweet Corn 🌽 
Strawberries 🍓 
Bananas 🍌 
Pears 🍐 

Method :

Give your regular vegetable sandwich a makeover by cutting it with our Citron Puzzle Sandwich Cutter and show your kid some love by carving out the letters " L O V E " and cutting heart shaped Fruits and Veggies with our Citron Mini Veggie & Fruits Cutters.
Kids eat with their eyes 👀, so make the lunchbox fun and colorful for your little one and even the pickiest eater will come home with an empty lunchbox 😍! 

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