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Boarding that plane, mums? Not before you read our tips

Boarding that plane, mums? Not before you read our tips

Whether you’re headed somewhere super exotic or enjoying a staycation in the UAE, we have some packing tips that will make your trip a breeze.  

  • Check the weather: There’s nothing worse than packing fuzzy sweaters, only to find out once you arrive at your destination that the mornings are hotter than a pizza oven. Thank you, Google…
  • Don’t fold, roll: Ironing clothes while you’re away can get hectic, especially when you’d rather have fun than spend the afternoon steaming a shirt. Rolling minimises creases and makes it easier to pack more items in your suitcase.
  • Go easy on the footwear: All you need is a pair of sneakers for travel, flip flops or sandals for the beach and dressy shoes for the evening – and this applies to mum, dad and kiddies, too.
  • Remember the hand sanitiser: It’s tiny, fits in your bag and will save you the trouble of having to take the kids to the washroom five times every two hours to wash off crayons, glitter or ketchup stains.
  • Pack a laundry bag: Yes, that’s the massive plastic bag where you’ll put all of the dirty clothes to wash. Can you imagine having to fish out the nasty stuff and ending up with a mountain of laundry? Not ideal…
  • Seal toiletries: Cling film is your best friend. We can’t recall the times we had to throw towels away only because they were drenched in moisturiser by the time we’d checked in.
  • Over-pack kids’ swimwear: Kids live in their swimwear whenever you go on a summer holiday, so two pairs are a good idea when packing bathing suits and swimming gear.
  • Cover the essentials: From sun protection to a neck pillow and emergency kit, make sure you have all the basics before adding the extras – you’ll need the space (and airlines aren’t that generous with baggage allowances either).

Ah, if only there was a robot that could help us pack all of this stuff.