Beef Burritos, Cherry Tomatoes and Vegetables

Beef Burritos, Cherry Tomatoes and Vegetables

Beef Burritos - Cherry Tomatoes ūüćí - Carrot Sticks Green Grapes -Red Grapes¬†

Beef Burritos Ingredients :

Whole wheat Tortillas 
Beef mince  
Sweet Corn kernels ūüĆŬ†
Mix Capsicum diced
Red Onions chopped
Red Kidney Beans
Ginger garlic paste 
Salsa Sauce
Taco Seasoning 
Olive Oil

Serving Sides:

Cherry Tomatoes Carrot Sticks
Green Grapes 
Red Grapes 


In a hot pan add olive oil, sauté chopped onions with ginger garlic paste. Add the beef mince and taco seasoning and cook till done and keep aside. In the same pan add the chopped capsicums and sauté for few minutes.Add the red kidney beans and salsa sauce. 
In a tortilla, assemble the fillings(beef, beans, capsicum, corn and lettuce) and roll them. Warm the tortillas over the grill and Burritos are ready to be packed in the lunch boxes.


Mommies, Burritos are perfect for your kids lunch boxes as you can customize the fillings as per your kids taste and they are freezer friendly.

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