Bread Pizzas - Egg - Energy Balls

Bread Pizzas - Egg - Energy Balls

What’s in the 🍋 Citron 🍋 lunchbox today ?

Who doesn't love PIZZA.
Bread Pizzas – Egg - Energy Balls - Snow Peas - Cherry Tomatoes - Orange – Strawberries

Make it super easy for your kids lunchbox by substituting the pizza crust with a bread. Bread Pizzas can be prepared in a jiffy and and it is perfect for your kids lunchbox. 

Cat Pizza 🍕 
Sandwich Bread 🍞 
Pizza Sauce 
Cherry Tomatoes 🍅 
Sweet Corn 🌽
Cooked Chicken mince 
Mozzarella Cheese 
Oregano 🌿 

Method for the Cat Pizza 🍕 🐱 

Take a sandwich bread and spread pizza sauce on it.
Add in your choice of toppings like Capsicums, Onion, Tomatoes etc.
Add shredded Mozzarella cheese generously.
Place it in the oven on grill for 5-7 min
Make these pizzas fun and exciting by making a Cat Pizza , you can also use our Citron food picks.

Can be prepared well in advance, wrapped in a cling film and refrigerated.
In the morning, all you need is to grill it and they are ready to be packed in the lunchboxes. 

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