Know us?

Citron was founded in 2018 by a mum of 3, and right from the beginning she have designed functional and beautiful products for the entire family. We have striven to bring innovative products for the past 4 years that last for years.

We have a tradition of designing and producing our own products because we are convinced that beautiful and good quality products take time and they can only originate from within the organization. In this process we make conscious choices concerning the quality of the materials we want to use, because we believe in making great products with a long life span. Products filled with smart little details which are a joy to use by families on a daily basis.

We have been doing it this way from the beginning. And with our products we are present during everyday little moments; a first school day with our Back to School Range, on family holidays with our On the Go Range, a first baby meal with our Tableware Range or a tasty lunch with colleagues with our lunchboxes. You will find us everywhere.