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  • Are Citron Bamboo Bowls products breakable?

    Our bamboo products are made from 100% organic bamboo. They are sustainable and extremely durable, but we do recommend taking special care to avoid any breakage.

  • What is the recommended age for using the Citron Bamboo Bowls?

    All of our Citron Bamboo Bowls are suitable for kids 4+ months

  • Are the Citron Bamboo Bowls food safe?

    Yes. Our Citron Bamboo Bowls are all 100% organic and are made using materials that are BPA-free, non-toxic, melamine-free and LFGB certified.

  • Can I put my Citron Bamboo Bowl in the microwave?

    No. Our Citron Bamboo Bowls are not suitable for the microwave as the extreme heat can reduce their effectiveness and damage their durability.

  • Do Citron Bamboo Bowls contain any toxins or chemicals?

    A-No. All of the materials used in the production of our Citron Bamboo Bowls contain ‘zero toxins’ so they don’t have any toxic air contaminants or hazardous air pollutants of any kind.

  • How should I wash my Citron Bamboo Bowl?

    All of our Citron Bamboo products should be hand washed with warm soapy water and are not dishwasher safe.

  • How can I remove any slight odours from the silicone?

    As silicone is a natural material, it can sometimes develop a slight odour if not regularly cared for properly. If this does happen, you can use lemon juice or baking soda to remove it easily.

  • What is the best way to remove stains from Citron Bamboo products?

    Firstly, act as soon as possible - just like with any stain, the quicker you treat the stain: the easier it will be to remove. You can use a homemade mix of water and bicarbonate of soda or biologica...l laundry detergent to get rid of tough stains

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