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  • What is the Citron Kids Backpack made of?

    Our Citron Kids Backpack is made from sustainable PET recycled plastic bottles and with non-toxic thermal materials. It is also waterproof to avoid leakage.

  • How should I wash my Citron Kids Backpack?

    Our Citron Kids Backpacks are machine washable - so it couldn’t be easier to keep them clean!

  • What can I fit in my Citron Kids Backpack?

    The Citron Kids Backpack will fit a lunch box, water bottle and a change of clothes. It also has an inner compartment for extra storage space. The 2 inner pockets can fit 2 bottles of up to 500ml.

  • What is the recommended age for using the Citron Kids Backpack?

    A-The Citron Kids Backpack is suitable for kids 18+ months.