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  • How long will my drink stay cold or hot in a Citron Travel Mug?

    Our Citron Travel Mugs are vacuum-insulated with a double wall to maintain drinks at temperature. It will keep liquids warm for 6hr and cold for 12h.

  • Are the Citron Travel Mugs leak-proof?

    Our Citron Travel Mugs are fitted with a lockable lid to avoid spills.

  • What sizes do the Citron Travel Mug come in?

    Our Citron Travel Mugs are available in 370ml and 420ml sizes.

  • Is my Citron Travel Mug microwavable?

    The Citron Travel Mug is not microwave safe.

  • Can my Citron Travel Mug fit under my coffee machine?

    The Citron Travel Mugs are designed to fit most coffee machines for easy filling and refilling.

  • Will the exterior of the mug get hot if I put hot coffee in it?

    Our Citron Travel Mugs stay dry and cool on the outside, no matter how hot or cold its contents.

  • Will the Citron Travel Mug fit in my car cup holder?

    Our Citron Travel Mugs are sized to fit most standard car cup holders.